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Star Of David Silver Decorated Shofar


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Star Of David Silver Decorated Shofar

Silver Plated Yemenite Shofar, Star of David This magnificent Yemenite Shofar is enhanced by a .925 Sterling Silver plating depicting with the Star of David in silver plating with gold highlights. Kudu shofars are made from kudu antelope horns. All shofars are made in Israel and certified kosher. The silver plating is beautifully hand applied after the shofar has been properly processed to kosher standards. This shofar is decorated with the Star of David, today the most widely recognized symbol of Judaism. Because shofars are a natural product, no two shofars are exactly alike. Expect variations in the coloring and exact size and shape of the shofar you receive. (Measurement is around the outside curve of the Shofar)


  • Small: 22" to 26"
  • Medium : 38" to 42"
  • Large: 42" to 46"
  • X-Large: 46" to 50"
  • 4X-Largest: 50" to 54"
  • Star Of David Silver Decorated Shofar


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