Sterling Silver 8 Cup Wine Drink Fountain


8 Cup Grapes Wine Drink Fountain. A unique quality silver item made in Israel. Handmade by silversmiths using the aristocratic and delicate sterling silver, symbolizing eternity and purity. It carries with it soul, the spirit of creativity, tradition thought time and the non compromising promise of professionalism. Each silver item piece is stamped 925 which is promise of quality. The Cento Rosa Collection was formed as a tribute to the Biblical rose garden that was popular during the second temple period in Jerusalem. The roses in this garden never wilted. Perpetuate the magic of these beautiful, sweet and healing roses with collection that highlights a splendid example of technical complexity and jewelry work The rose is also known as a prestigious, romantic flower from which the most expensive ether in the world is extracted. Women of all ages have a particular love for this flower, making it appropriate for decorating a set of prestigious silver pieces.

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