Inspirational Sunrise above the Kotel Canvas Art Work


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    Inspirational Sunrise above the Kotel Canvas Art Work

    Sunrise above the Kotel. This work is available as a reproduction on canvas in 2 options: limited and open edition. - Limited edition on canvas comes hand embellished, numbered and signed by artist. The reproduction is from a signed limited edition of 25. - Open edition on canvas comes fully framed. There's no limit to the number of prints that can be made. If you decide to buy a limited edition of 25 prints, once those 25 prints have sold, that limited edition will no longer be available and you cannot buy any more. The exclusive nature of a limited edition print effectively raises it's value and, therefore, it's price. The edition number will be written on the back of the canvas and on the certificate of authenticity. “Limited Edition number X [the print number] of X [the total number of prints to be made].” Limited edition comes embellished by hand. Limited edition will be framed in the frame of your choice. You will be contacted after placing the order to select a frame Each reproduction is accompanied by the certificate of Authenticity.

    • Open Edition, size 19"x23"
    • Aluminium Print, size 24"x36"
    • Open Edition, size 27"x35"
    • Limited Edition, size 16"x21"
    • Limited Edition, size 20"x27"
    • Open Edition, size 33"x43"
    • Limited Edition, size 24"x32"
    • Limited Edition, size 30"x40"
    • Limited Edition, size 34"x45"
    • Limited Edition, size 40"x53"

    Inspirational Sunrise above the Kotel Canvas Art Work

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