Technology For Talmud Study And Review


Master Daf Project is the most advanced electronic solution for learning & reviewing Talmud. Its features provide instant information - in an environment which most closely resembles the traditional methods of Talmud study. It is truly the perfect way to Learn and Review the Talmud, and a dream come true for Daf Yomi participants. With the Wolfson Talmud, you see the Daf... you hear Daf... you understand the Daf. as it is explained in simple, concise English. The Wolfson Talmud presents the Talmud in short, manageable "Talmudic Sound Bytes" & Concepts. Line by Line - Word by Word - You control the pace of study. Just click anywhere on the Gemara Text and the lesson begins from that point. So if it is just a line or two you need to understand - you need not listen to the whole lecture. Another powerful feature is the Aramaic Dictionary. While listening to the Daf you can click on any word - Hebrew or Aramaic - and see the translation of that word in our exclusive Hebrew and Aramaic to

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