The Twin Towers - Memorial Bronze Medallion 14Kt Yellow Gold

The Twin Towers - Memorial Bronze Medallion


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14Kt Yellow Gold
14Kt Yellow Gold
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This medal is a poignant expression of the solidarity on the part of the citizens of Israel with the citizens of New York, the United States and the whole of the free world, following the horrific acts of terror of September 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers collapsed, burying beneath them about 3,000 people. In addition to serving as a memorial of the fallen, this medal expresses our expresses our conviction for freedom and democracy as well as the strong bond between the United States and Israel.

The medal face depicts the skyline of New York, with the buildings represented in relief and the Twin Tower carved inwards. The date of the tragedy 9.11.01 is also engraved and the "11" is emphasized in such a way that it is also a reminder of the Twin Towers. "United in Democracy" is the description on the medal and the U and the D are intertwined, symbolizing the common values of the United States and Israel, such as democracy, freedom and equality. In the border, 18 (numerical value of

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