Travels Through Jewish History - By Rabbi Wein


Explore Jewish History and its Relevance in Our Times - 116 CD-ROM Archive!
Jewish History - Early History from the Dawn of Civilization through the 21st Century: How does Jewish history impact us today? Through a series of 116 one hour lectures each on its own CD-ROM, noted Jewish Historian Rabbi Berel Wein uncovers the historical context of events in order to understand the origins of the Jewish people. Explore the Jewish challenge of the 21st century and the uneven beginnings of the Jewish people in all our family struggles. Follow the conquest of the land of Israel and the establishment of rule through the Jewish Nation's initial rise to greatness. It's Kings, Prophets, and challenges. This Historical record is not only informative it is absolutely riveting it is a "Must Have for every Library". This 116 CD-ROM Archive comes with a set of 3 elegant Library Shelf Binders to keep your History Collection organized.

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