Tree Of Life Electric Tribute -48 Plaques


Tree of Life Memorial Board Plaque. This Memorial Board in the shape of the Tree with individual candle lights per plaque. Made of Formaica wood in dark and light colors encased in a solid cornice Oak frame. Gold Urn and basin with flickering lights bulbs for each plaque and in the  larger main memorial candle vase. This Memorial Tree of Life plaque features 48 plaques as shown and is 170 cm [wide] x 80 cm [tall]. Additional plaques can be added or reduced by removing or adding or resizing the shown dedication text, trunk of tree, and main vase. We can engrave plaques as well and continued engraving can be done locally. Ask us if you would like us to locate a local engraver near you. 

Price shown is FOB factory for the lowest price guarantee. As an oversized item and special crating and shipping rates apply. General Delivery is 3 - 6 weeks depending on season and work que at studio.

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