Tree Of Life Kabballah Medallion Israel Coin Gift Set


The tree has always symbolized life and spirituality
and so does the 8th century CE "Tree of Life" Mosaic
discovered in Hisham's Palace near Jericho. The Tree
of Life is also a central symbol in the Kabbalah - the
Jewish mystical world.
Jacob dreams of a ladder, upon which angels go
up and down. The ladder is an important symbol in
the Kabbalah, representing a means for a person to
elevate his soul to higher spiritual levels.

"Tree of Life" - Meir Eshel
"Kabbalah" - Obverse: Aharon Shevo
Reverse: Ruben Nutels
Jacob's Dream - David Harel

Metal: Silver/999 Silver/999, Proof
Face Value: - 2 NIS
Max Mintage: 888 2800
Diameter (mm): 38.7 mm 38.7 mm
Weight: 1 oz. 1 oz.

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