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Tree of Life Kabballah Medallion Israel Coin Gift


Tree of Life Kabballah Medallion Israel Coin Gift . Tree of Life Kabballah Medallion. Jewish Mysticism is known as the Kabbalahƒ??ƒ?? receiving"- for it has traditionally been passed down directly from father to son, rabbi to pupil, generation to generation. It is a tremendous undertaking to present the challenging and vast concepts of the Kabbalah on a single medal - and this is exactly what Israel has attempted to do, in medals of 1 oz. pure gold or silver, and in bronze. This may be the first official government medal which can also be seen as an amulet, inasmuch as it also features Psalm 67, artfully written in the form of a Menorah (the seven-branched candelabrum), which itself is considered an amulet for protection and success in life.

The central concept of the Kabbalah is a system of 10 Sefirot, the ten attributes of G-d, through which the Diety interacts with the universe. The 10 Sefirot are here represented on a tree with the Keter, the Supreme Crown at its peak. They are:

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