Zmirot Shabbat 130 Zmirot Shabbat

Zmirot Shabbat 130

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Nusach: Ashkenaz

Edot Hamizrah
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Zmirot Shabbat 130

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Size: 12x16 cm.
No. of pages: 216
Nusah: Edot Hamizrah
Description: booklet contains songs and poems for Shabbat and for family celebrations, plus a selection of bakashot. It was edited by the famous cantor Moshe Habusha. It is geared for a Shabbat of sheva berachot. The inside of the booklet is printed with three colors, while the cover is colorful with gold embossing and laminated. The booklet is available with quality leather binding with gold embossing and raised embellishments for the leather. It is hard-cover with brown or white leather

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Zmirot Shabbat 130

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Ashkenaz, Edot Hamizrah