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Herod Agrippa I VF

Herod Agrippa, grandson of Herod the Great, grew up in Rome and was educated together with members of the Roman aristocracy. However, when he returned to Jerusalem in 37 A.D., he behaved like a politically correctmonarch. This is particulary well reflected in the
coins he struck. He ruled over both Jewish and pagan populaces. For the pagan areas he struck coins bearing portraits and figures from Roman mythology. On the other hand the one coin he struck for his Jewish subjects depicted three sheaves of barley, one of the seven agricultural species of the Land of Israel. The other side, instead of depicting a portrait of the emperor which would be offensive to Jewish population depicts a royal canopy.

A genuine rare Judaica coin of Israel in a very high quality. No 2 coins are alike. We sell only very high quality coins for these ancient times. A true treasure and heirloom as you actually hold history in your hands. The same coin that has passed the hands of men over 2,000 years ago !
We often take amateur photos and post them of an actual coin in stock. Most are very limited in circulation. Your ancient Agrippa I coin comes with a signed certificate of authentication by the certified antiquities dealer of Israel.

 If you want to choose the actual coin you'll receive and have a cell phone, give us a call and we'll take an actual photo of stock for your choice of coin and send it to your phone for approval before we ship !

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