Bamboo Poles Bamboo Sold by Bundle


Bamboo Poles Bamboo Sold by Bundle

Our individual bamboo poles, imported from the Orient, are 1" to 1.25" in diameter. They are packed in bales of twenty five and come in 6', 8' ,10', and 12' (feet) lengths. Our Bamboo poles are of top quality and will survive years of Sukkos use. You will require approximately 10 - 12 poles per foot.

All bamboo prices are quoted with stated diameters. We carry a full array of other bamboo lengths and diameters for special requirements from 1.5 feet @ 1/4" to 15 feet @ 1.5" and everything in between. Please call us for a special price quote. 

Additional charges for shipping may apply depending where it ships to.    


Bamboo Poles On Sale

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