Bar Mitzvah Gift Medal


Bar Mitzvah Pendant - Silver+Gold Medal. BAR MITZVAH
The jewels in this series are combined with the "Bar Mitzvah Blessings" medal and serve as a wonderful gift something different, with significance, for the maturing boy to cherish for years to come.

The medal displays a boy laying "Tefilin", designed by the artists Rothchild and Lipman, along with the verse from "Pirkei Avot" (Ethics of the Fathers) "Thirteen, for the obligation to observe mitzvoth", in Hebrew and in English.

Bar Mitzvah Gold and Silver
A Sterling Silver piece combined with the 14k gold "Bar Mitzvah Blessings" medal. A delicate silver frame, designed to meet youthful trends, surrounds the gold medal. The combination of the two metals endows the jewel with enhanced color and a modern, fashionable look.
Limited Edition: 999 units
Diameter of the Medal: 12.5mm

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