Children's Modern Mezuzah Cases - Graphical


The Mezuzah Cases are produced in an advanced technology, which assembles during the production process, the graphic design in to the structure of the product (made of high quality polymer). Thus creating a non - erasable product, protected from Sabbath Desecration.

The Concept of the Graphic design was to create a Modern designed line that will glorify the mitzvah of mounting a mezuzah on every Jewish home doorway.

Each Model is designed with a unique design- Jewish symbols and blessings, colorful designs for children fits 7 cm / 2.8" scrolls.

  • Love and Hearts is a girlie Mezuzah designed especially for Children
  • The lion in the Jewish tradition is a symbol for bravery. 2 young Lions is a fun especially designed for Children.
  • 2 curious Giraffes A fun design especially for Children.
  • Beautiful Natural pattern with butterflies. Parchment revealed through the transparent window
  • Teddy Bear and harts of love a sweet and beautiful gift for a newborns room

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