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The roots of the Combat Engineering Corps go back to the period before 1948. At the time of the War of Independence, the first Engineering Corps soldiers were Jewish veterans of the British Royal Engineers and veterans of the ƒ??Hagannahƒ??, ƒ??Palmachƒ??, ƒ??Etzelƒ?? and ƒ??Lehiƒ??.

The record of the Corpsƒ?? achievements parallelƒ??s the history of the State of Israel. During the War of Independence the new Engineering Corps soldiers led the way in building the ƒ??Burma Roadƒ?? which enabled food, water, ammunition and equipment to reach Jerusalem which was under siege.

In the 1956 Sinai campaign the Engineering Corps destroyed the Egyptian military infrastructure in the Sinai Peninsula and in the Six Day War the Combat Engineers were among the first into the Old City to remove landmines planted in the city by the Jordanians. In the late 60ƒ??s the Corps helped build the ƒ??Bar Levƒ?? fortification line of defense along the Suez Canal, for which the Corps was awarded the Israel Prize for Secu

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