Tallit Katan -100% Cotton Tzitzit Tzitzis


Tallit Katan in 100% combed cotton with your custom tie of tzizit (tzitzis). Our most comfortable high quality tzitzit tallit katan pairs are strictly adhered to by Orthodox standards both by the beged (garment) and the Tzitzit (4 cornered fringes aka tzitzis) Made in Israel, these fabulous tallit katan's come in 100% Cotton in all sizes and tzitzit tying options. Get a few pairs of tzitzis, specially tied in your nusach of tzizit tying and save more. All our tzizit (tzitzis) undergarments are hand tied "Lishma" and we ship and deliver fast via Fedex. Order your new tallit katans for all the men and boys in your family here together, save big with the convenience of fast home delivery.

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