Genuine Leather Tefillin Bag Set - Rashi Rabeinu Tam


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Leather Colors

Leather Tallit Tefillin Bag Colors This Tallit and Tefillin bag set can be made with different leather colors. Since the color options are many, we've chosen the most popular, yet you can specify a different color in the notes or at checkout and we'll email the proof in color prior to production for your approval. In referencing colors use standard names such as Navy, Light Blue, Dark Grey etc..

Shop online for all tallit & tefillin bags in leather, velvet, Suede, and much more.



Sample Leather Bags we've done in various styles and colors

Light Blue & Black Leather BagLeather Bag in Blue & TanLeather Bag in Blue & BlackLeather Bag in GreenLeather Bag in Blue & NavyLeather Bag in Brown & TanAlligator Leather in Blue , Green, GreyBright Red Leather GraysOrange Leather Tallit BagMaroon & 2 Tone Grays Leather Tallit BagMint Green Leather Tallit BagChabad in Orange Leather Tallit bags

Genuine leather rashi and rabbeinu tam bag set is made fully custom in the highest quality of leather designs. Great carry case for both clearly labelled.

  • genuine leather
  • Bags include inner lining
  • Zipper closures
  • embroidery of name in your color choice and position. 

Specify the name and placement of the embroidery for the bag in the personalization box below. Don't worry we'll follow up with you to confirm any details as well as provide proof of design for final approval. The order must be placed first to begin process. 

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