Deluxe Art Menorah Stained Glass


Deluxe Art Menorah Stained Glass. Elegant and exceptional are these stained glass menorahs. The contemporary designs are sandblasted first and then fired in the kiln so that the designs are more visible and background of color from surroundings can radiate through the glass. The bevel base acts as a prism that enhances the art work. average width 12".

The sections of glass have been hand cut, wrapped in copper and soldered to form the shape. The graphic has been sandblasted first before soldering the sections together. The candle holders is added last to the top of the menorah - eight candles for each night of the Jewish holiday and one for the Shammas that lights the other candles. The candle holders are in a straight line with the shammos separate and taller meeting the specifications of a kosher menorah.

This is the perfect Hanukkah gift for any family or a special gift for a newborn, a bar or bat mitzvah, a wedding, an engagement, or an anniversary.

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