Eziekel'S Vision In Glen'S Painting Large

Eziekel'S Vision In Glen'S Painting


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The holiest special experience of Ezekiel was well imbedded in this unequal painting. He felt the power of God. He saw the special angels called cherubim. He saw Godƒ??s throne. He even saw an impression of Godƒ??s glory. And then God spoke to Ezekiel. Exclusive artist in Israel, his canvas is constructed as a sort of puzzle, divided by distinct contour lines which recall traditional vintage works. Images are sometimes hidden and require discovery. The brightly colored compositions reflect Glenƒ??s unique visual language, inspired by Expressionism and Pop art. Flower Garden as Canvas.Sizes: Medium (approx. 30 x 24 cm), and Large (approx. 55 x 40 cm).

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