Tallit Clips - Hoshen Stones & Diamond Gold or Silver


"Hoshen Stones" Clips for Tallit, set with 24 diamonds, made of sterling silver or white gold.

The Tallit clips are for arranging the prayer shawl, the Talit, properly. Worshipers in the synagogue use it for convenience and pleasant appearance, as it is considered as a sign for strong religious attitude.

The origin of this habit is the Passage: "This is my God, and I will praise Him"; exodus 15:2.

These clips are designed for major talisman effect. It set with 24 color diamonds 12 on each side.

The two rows of 12 diamonds which decorate the clips, represents the 12 Mother Nature stones that were used on the Hoshen by the Temple supreme priest, the Cohen. The Hoshen was kind of delicately made fabric which consist gold, silk and other fine makes, with specific set-in stones, 12 pieces against the 12 ancient people of Israel tribes. It was believed that this Hoshen was a device used for channeling to God and communicating with the Angels, as well as for receiving divine energies. 

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