Jewish Tapestry - Torah Scenes Wall Rug
Jewish Tapestry - Torah Scenes Wall Rug

Jewish Tapestry - Torah Scenes Wall Rug

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Jewish Tapestry depicting Torah scenes in Genesis and throughout is a spectacular reproduction of the original antique silk bezalel carpet rug. Made in the highest quality hand woven and spun wool specially manufactured by in Azerbaijan. We work directly with the carpet weavers to bring you a top area rug with an ancient tradition and quality at a fraction of it's true value. Don't miss out while this opportunity lasts to get this artifact new in your home. Size 80 x 150cm
Size (ft)
: 2'7"x4'11"
Area: 1.2 m2
Materials: wool, cotton.

This pure hand-spun wool rug has fabulous naturally occurring properties that make it a necessity for your health and home. As an authentic collectible wool rug, this rug is hand-spun pure wool (from a living animal) that has neither been chemically washed, nor mixed with synthetic polymers, nor spun by machine. All these processes destroy the physical properties of pure hand-spun wool that make it so beneficial to your health and home. Here are some benefits of pure wool:

  • Hypoallergenic - Pure wool rugs are natural, healthy products that are non-allergenic, which is beneficial for those of you who suffer from allergies or asthma. Because they are not mixed with synthetics, pure wool rugs are non-toxic. Unlike synthetic wall-to-wall carpeting with its chemical sealants and adhesives, no toxic gasses are emitted from pure wool rugs. The naturally inherent lanolin coating on the wool fibers also acts as a repellent to dust mites.
  • Pure wool is also considered a living thing. It remarkably is able to release moisture it attracts from the air back into the atmosphere, making it resilient to mold or mildew, and reducing static electricity. This natural process also enables pure wool to purify indoor air of common household pollutants, by trapping them inside the wool fiber. Such household contaminants include sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and formaldehyde gasses that are emitted from common chemical-based household products, such as cleaners and synthetic carpets. Exposure to these pollutants is being reported as the cause of many illnesses, including neurological and respiratory disorders. Doctors are prescribing natural wool products for patients suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and other environmental illnesses.
  • Fire Resistant The high moisture and protein content of pure wool makes it naturally resistant to fire. Pure wool is self-extinguishable. This means that even if you drop a burning match on the rug, the burnt fibers will be only those that touched the flame, and can be brushed away.
  • Stain Resistant Unlike machine-made synthetic rugs, hand-woven pure wool rugs do not "hold" dirt. The natural construction of the wool fibers keeps dirt on the fibers' surface and prevents it from being trapped inside the core. This makes vacuuming very easy. The absence of a "backing" on a hand-woven pure wool rug also allows dirt to pass through to the floor over time, thus preserving the life of the rug. The protective layer of lanolin on the pure wool fibers makes these rugs stain resistant. Liquid spills are repelled to the upper surface of the wool, and can be blotted up with immediate treatment.
  • Durable Pure hand-spun wool is the preferred fiber in Oriental rugs that will receive frequent floor use. Such rugs will last you at least a lifetime, and can be handed down generation to generation with proper care.