Miriam Commemorative Medal


Women of the Bible is a new and significant addition to the Commemorative Medals series, in that it recognizes the important contributions to Jewish history of female personalities - as heroines, wives, mothers, judges, prophetesses, leaders and even political figures - alongside that of the better known men.

All the women in the series are taken from portraits drawn by the artist Yitzhak. Among these outstanding and original women is Miriam the Prophetess, the 2nd medal in the series. Miriam is perhaps best known as the elder sister of Moses. Indeed, she announced to her father, Amram, that he would have a son who would redeem the People of Israel from Egyptian captivity, and thus she is acknowledged as the first female prophetess. It was she who persuaded Pharoah's unsuspecting daughter to take the baby Moses from his reed basket to his real mother for nursing, demonstrating her ability to think and take decisive action. The first Biblical description of Miriam

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