Mothers In The Bible - Set 4 Bronze Medals

Mothers In The Bible - Set 4 Bronze Medals

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This series of medals honors the four Matriarchs of the Jewish People: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah. Each medal features the likeness of one of the Matriarchs and a Biblical verse relating to her. On the common reverse of all medals in the series is a flame " an eternal flame, symbolizing the lineage that began with the first matriarch and continues until this day. Gift Boxed.


Sarah: The likeness of a woman and her baby and the words "and I will bless her" (Genesis 17:16).

Rebecca: The medal depicts Rebecca carrying the pitcher on her head, before drawing water from the well for Eliezer and his camels

Rachel: The medal face depicts Rachel with the sheep, holding the hand of Joseph. Joseph's coat and Rachel"s cape are selectively gold-plated on the silver medal.

Leah: The medal face depicts Leah with a sad, pondering expression, and the mandrakes brought to her by her son Reuben, preceding the birth of Issachar, her fifth son to Jacob.