Jewish Histroy Timelines & Jerusalem Posters & Banners


Jewish Timeline & Halacha. Impressive posters of the Jewish timeline and Halacha . The exact poster featured at the Jewish Museum, Israel Museum, Bible Land Museum now available online, exclusively here. Impressively Large and available in 2 formats. Laminate Poster  or PVC Banner.

Ideal for every Jewish home, and room . Explore the fascinating history of the Jewish people and Halacha through the ages learn the big picture , the names, dates, in a pictorial and easy format to recall.
Price is per poster. Choose a single poster or all three by entering quantity "3" in box below. 

  • Poster size: 100 cm x 70 cm. $29.95
  • PVC Banner Size 100 x 150 cm $189.95
  • Synthetic cloth guaranteed not to rip
  • Wooden Dowels on top & bottom
  • Hanging accessories included.
  • Ideal for decor and educational purposes.

Poster Size: 70X100 cm. English. 
Double side lamination with 2 hang tabs. 
A comprehensive chronology of major events in history of the Jewish people and the land of Israel from biblical time to the present, supplemented by spectacular illustrations and photos. The data is clearly marked by division to historical periods of the history of the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, with notable dates, important events, individual leaders, public figures and major historical processes.

The Story of Israel - Time Line 
From Biblical Time to the 21st Century
Hanging map - PVC banner with wooden stick

Size: 100X150 cm. English. 
Large digital print, high resolution. 
- Timeline of Halacha
- Jewish timeline of Jerusalem


כרזת ירושלים - 5000 שנות היסטוריה

גודל: 70x100 ס"מ. עברית.
כוללת: ציר זמן לתולדות העיר, מפת העיר העתיקה בימי דוד ושלמה,
בימי הורדוס (סוף תקופת בית שני) ובימינו. עם שלל תמונות מרהיבות.

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