Protection for the home


This unique piece is a reproduction of the original handwritten artwork on parchment. The product is an assembly of the artwork on an exquisite background, with an 8 by 10 frame. Please note, the artwork presented in the picture will be sent when purchased, with that same frame. However, in case the frame is not available in stock, it will be replaced with a similar frame of the same grade, color and quality. ƒ??God shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth for evermoreƒ?? (Psalms 115:8).In the middle of this artwork we find the name that is written on the outside of the Mezuzah-Scroll. The Mezuza is fixed on the door-post, in order to filter the energy that comes in the house, and leave any negativity from coming into the house; the name is encircled with the 42-letters-name that provides protection and other great benefits. This artwork is good to have in any room of the house for protection.with the 42-letters-name that provides protection and other great

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