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Rose Prayer Shawl Set


This high quality 3 Piece Rose shawl tallit Set included matching bag and kippah. Worn by women Bnei Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah is of supreme quality, feels like light wool, and is Made in Israel. Certified Kosher Card Included. The neckband has an embroidered prayer in Hebrew "Blessed Art Thou O' God for Having Commanded Us to Dawn the Prayer Shawl". The embroidery is fine soft touch and the corners display symbols of Torah Scrolls & Crowns with the Tabernacle at the center and the biblical phrase in Hebrew " You Shall Build For Me An Abode and I Shall Dwell in It" adorned on both the neckband and corners with embroidered Rose Floral decoration. Why Is It So Inexpensive ? The answer is because it is Machine rather than Hand Embroidered for cost effectiveness. Size 18 x 72"
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