Ruth In The Bible Gift Medal Shavuoth Gift! 14Kt Yellow Gold

Ruth In The Bible Gift Medal Shavuoth Gift!


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Ruth In the Bible Gift Medal. The Bible, recognized as a source of the highest moral values, is also acknowledged as providing a basis for the equality of women. In direct contrast to the beliefs and practices of ancient times, there is no difference in the Bible between the sexes in matters of respect, worth and human value.

The women of the Bible, heroines all, are actually quite complex figures and play several roles in life-wife and mother, counselor, initiator, judge, leader and even warrior-and represent the entire gamut of the human personality and experience.

This new series, "Women in the Bible", is a natural continuation of the series "The Four Mothers", and the first woman to be so honored is Ruth, whose thrilling story is traditionally the work of the Prophet Samuel (1011-931 BCE). The Book of Ruth teaches essentially that genuine love may at times require great sacrifice, that loving kindness is rewarded by a merciful G-D. Furthermore, Ruth, who converted to Judaism.

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