Tallit Tote Carrying Case Bag


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16.5" x 17"
16.5" x 17"
17.5" x 18"

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Tallit Tote Carrying Case Bag

Tallit Tote Carrying Case is a rugged and yet elegant Utility Tallit Bag, with Zippers on the back and bottom and a large interior it has room for Tallit Bag, Tefillin, Siddur , Candies and some more. Available in two sizes with optional Personalized name or logo on the front specially embroidered.

  • Large = 16.5 x 17"
  • X-Large = 17.5 x 18"

    There are 3 options if you don't have hebrew font installed. 1) Phonetically spell the name such as "Bet, Nun , " etc.. 2) Put in the english name such as Ben (in Hebrew) and we'll follow up and email you the proof. 3) Put in "To Follow". and email us with as much writing you need and we'll send you proof.

  • Tallit Tote Carrying Case Bag

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    16.5" x 17", 17.5" x 18"

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