The Living Nach Series 3 Volumes


aRav Aryeh Kaplan Z"L developed this humash (5 books of the Torah with commentary) for all Jews. The book is in English and Hebrew, and is filled with footnotes clarifying and developing the text, maps and an occasional illustration. Kaplan quotes from several sources such as Rashi, the Alfasi, RaMBaM, and also from the Me'am Lo'ez, the fabulous Sephardic Torah commentary from Constantinople. If you are looking for an alternative to the Artscroll Stone Edition Humash, this is it! A masterpiece, by one of the greatest rabbanim of the last century. This massive 647 page book is a treasure to be passed down to your children, and their children. Customers note: Excellent contemporary translation. Very accurate, yet retains the flavor of the poetry in the original. Bilingual version with copious footnotes. & This is perhaps the best single volume English translation of the Torah & Nach. 3 Volumes.

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