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Tree Of Life Stained Glass


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Flowing branches of this tree of life seem to make this tree come alive. The tree of life was planted by God at the beginning of the world in the Garden of Eden. Tradition also associates the Tree of Life with the Torah. The Torah is "a Tree of Life - Etz Hayyim - to all who hold fast to it."
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This stained glass tree of life is appropriate for any occasion - bar or bat mitzvah, a wedding or any other simcha from a birth to a 50th wedding anniversary. The theme is universal.
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To create this tree of life panel, the glass was hand cut, wrapped in copper and then soldered to form the circle. The Hebrew in the panel, Etz Hayyim (Tree of Life) was sandblasted into the glass before soldering it in place.
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The panel can rest in a plexiglass stand that will be placed near natural sunlight to show off the beauty of the glass. As the light will change during the day, so will the images that you see as the glass reflect the rays of the sun.
Size - 14" ci
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