Bar Mitzvah Gifts, Presents, & Supply Store

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Bar Mitzvah store offering all gifts and supplies for the graduation celebration.
Shop all your needs here and get a great gift certificate as an excellent present idea. We offer every tefillin pair,tallit, kippahs,Torah Yad Pointer, Jewish party favors,shofar, Benchers, Candles and so many more gifts imaginable at an unbeleivable price.
At age 13 in Jewish tradition a boy becomes a man and takes upon himself the yolk of mitzvot commandments which he and no longer his parents are responsibe to carry. Now counted in a minyan and able to read from the Torah the 13 year old ceremony is celebrated with gifting the child with a ceremony to read from the torah with their own Torah Yad pointer. It's customary to gift jewish books to learn from in their libraries the Torah for the rest of their lives. Kippahs and Benchers are printed with the name and date of the ocassion as well as fun party events are celebrated with wonderful centerpieces, candle lighting and gifts ideal for the event. Yet the most important gift he'll receive is his Tefillin. It is crucial a good pair of tefillin by a kosher reliable scribe is provided even if one feels they will not wear it but once. Stories be told, how years later the man revisits wearing his tefillin.